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This is not a gimmick; our time is valuable. You must be a member of one of our partners’ training programs to even be considered.

Lots of companies sell nutraceutical products. We are the only ones who offer you an option to share in the re-occurring revenue each consumer brings.

We hate tracking problems as much as you do. We have complete integration with our advertisers, so you never have to worry about ever losing a postback or a subid.

The products on our network are all top-notch products, created by innovative advertisers. This means a longer subscription length, and a higher LTV.

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About Nutryst Network

Nutryst network is a nutraceutical affiliate network specializing in diet, skincare, and muscle supplements, among other verticals.

We believe helping people cure their problems in life, through natural, organic means is the best way we can contribute to making the world a happier place, and humans a happier race.

We only work with advertisers direct, and form exclusive deals on any product that is promoted through our network, so that it meets our very high standards of product quality, consumer experience, and monetization.

We are the only network to offer revenue-sharing on nutraceutical products, which means recurring commissions, month-after-month.

Though we also offer a CPA option, we believe revenue-sharing is the best way to align the interests of everyone involved in this space, from the consumer, to the advertiser, and its been working out pretty well.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to utilize all of our data by working with us since we are performance marketers ourselves.

We buy Facebook, Google, Outbrain, Adblade, and many more.

Ask and you shall receive.

We aim to make the world a better, happier, healthier place through internet marketing. Thats what we're about. How about you?

Learn about how you can start working with us today